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Kelly Plumbing & Heating Annual Maintenance Program


               Once a year maintenance program:


      To Maintain Peak Performance 20 point inspection

For your piece of mind...

1.  Outdoor coil will be inspected for heat transfer loss

2.  Fans will be inspected & cleaned

3.  Refrigerant checked for proper charge to assure no leaks

4.  Exposed ductwork will be checked for leaks

5.  Thermostats will be checked and calibrated as required

6.  Motors and bearings will be lubricated as required

7.  Controls and safeties will be tested as needed

8.  Drain will be checked

9.  Heat exchange will be inspected

10.   Relays and contactors will be inspected

11.   Unit wiring and electrical disconnect will be inspected

12.   Humidifier operation will be checked, where applicable

13.   Temperatures and pressures will be recorded

14.   Indoor coil will be inspected

15.   Air filters will be replaced annually or cleaned

16.   Outdoor coils will be power washed (1) time per year

17.   Furnish inspection report & advise of any abnormal conditions

18.   Test gas pressure and check for leaks

19.   Measure amp-draw on motor

20.   Check Safety switches


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